Metal fitting for hanging scroll, Spatula, Urazuri (backing Rub ball)

This "KAN" is a metal fitting that can be hung from a hanging scroll by hitting it on the top of a hanging scroll. Available in brass and copper. "Kohaze" is a fastener that wraps a scroll with a string and stops it at the end. Spatulas are tools used by craftsmen in various processes, including bamboo, plastic, stainless steel, brass, horn, and ivory spatulas. Finally, the "Urazuri" is a unique tool that improves the finish by rubbing with this tool after lining the hanging scroll.

Yahazu (Stick to hang) & Jidaikake (Hanging tool)

For " Yahazu" , there are black bamboo, soot bamboo, and aluminum that should be used to hang the hanging scroll freely. For "Jidai", there are various types of flexible bamboo, such as brass, copper, sesame bamboo, soot bamboo, ebony and rosewood, but all have height adjustment.

Japanese Strainer, Funori (Seaweed Glue) , Persimmon astringency etc…

Insect-proof scent (Bouchu-kou) , Slipper (Ibota) , Pine smoke (Shouen), Persimmon astringent (Kaki-shibu), Glitter powder (Kirako), Anti-bleeding liquid(Dosa-eki), Peeling agent (Hagashi-eki), Bleeding prevention spray, Shaft tip strong adhesive, Seaweed glue (Funori), Lime stone powder (Ishiko), Alum (Myouban), Japanese traditional powdered glue (Nikawa-ko), Strainer (horsehair and acrylic net)
Kanedain, We prepare varriety of material for your all work.

Paste, Norioke ( Paste cooking tray), Gold & Silver leaf,

We have a lot of glue & paste for various purposes . In addition, the glue tray made of wood called "Sawara", which is a type of cherry blossom that uses the glue, is now a valuable item.
As the other item in this page, we are selling Gold leaf and Silver leaf also which we are using in our Yoshino factory to produce Gold/Silver foil stamping paper.

As our main glue product, we have " Miyoshino Nori" " Kinsen Nori" " Shofu Nori" and " Kan-Nori" .

Japanese Brushes

A Japanese brush manufactured by Kyoto craftsmen with great care. There are various types of brushes such as Noribake brushes, Tsukemawashi brushes, Nazebake brushes, Mizubake brushes, Shigokibake brushes, Dosabake brushes, and Uchibake brushes. We also have " Stencil Brush", " Drawing Brush" and "Maintenance brush".

The materials used for the brush are sheep, goats, horses, pigs, mujina (raccoon), deer, and other animal hairs researched by our predecessors. With the exception of the brush, the plant " Tsuku" hair is used for a hammering bushes.

Other Tools for craftsman for making hanging scroll, Shoji and Fusma

Here there are Punch, puller tack, puller remover, sliding door remover, puller tack remover, folding screen, folding screen, awl, stainless steel whale, bearing roller, wooden mallet, paper knife, round knife. We also have collected tools used for hanging scroll and frame, such as knives, folding screens, cutting screens, folding screens, papers, cuttings, scissors like " Nevanon", Sprayer like " Kuramata" and cutters.


The ruler is from 50cm up to 243 cm in length. Available in wood and acrylic, the wooden ruler is made of cypress (for main) and cherry blossoms (for eddge). Bamboo ruler are available from 30cm to 180cm. Besides that, we also have a special ruler like Triangle ruler and "Fukurin" ruler.

Kiribako ( Paulownia Box)

There are three types of paulownia boxes: a genuine paulownia box with tato using bamboo nails and special paulownia wood, a high-quality and most popular "Marufuku" paulownia box with a sense of value, and an economical "Karaft" paulownia box. We accept custom orders for all types of paulownia boxes, including thick-rolled core paulownia boxes, double-width paulownia boxes, painted outer boxes, folding screen boxes, and bowl boxes. The paper box is our original product. We also have multicolored cotton cloth including this turmeric dyeing, such as a yellow bag for folding screens that can be purchased with a paulownia box, and a " Furoshiki" that wraps a bowl and a jar. Bags such as yellow bags are also custom-ordered one by one.

Working Board for hanging scroll (Karibari)

Our " Karibari" is a very light ( 90cm X 180cm size, about 4 kg ) durable and economical work board that uses styrene foam as the core material. Since the surface material is a specially processed fabric, the remaining paper and glue can be easily peeled off by moistening it with water after peeling off the temporary paste.

Wide 90cm ✕ Height 180, 210, 225, 240 cm