Washi for hanging scroll

Hon Uda Washi (Hon Uda)

Uda paper for backing of hanging scroll and repair paper of all art painting, which has been made in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture since ancient times, is pure Japanese tissue containing white clay made by crushing limestone in this region. This white clay has effects such as see-through, insect repellent, antioxidant action (burnt prevention), and maintenance of elasticity. In addition, it has a unique finish because it is made with bamboo blinds instead of bamboo blinds. Currently, only papers made in the " Kuzu area" of ​​Yoshino are called Uda paper, Hon Uda, etc., and are distinguished from Uda papers made in other areas. It is the finest Japanese paper used for restoration of cultural properties.

Uda Washi

It is a mainly backing paper used for hanging scroll in Japan. Originally the Uda paper for hanging scroll, which has been made in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture since ancient times, has spread all over the country. Even now, the technology has been handed down. Nowadays, paper manufactured in other production areas and paper for full backing manufactured by machine straining are also generally called Uda paper. Here, we introduce different type of Uda paper which is totally different size and made in Kochi. Even though these paper are handmade by very well-skilled craftsman, the cost is much lower than Hon-Uda made in Yoshino/Nara prefecture.

Hon-Misu Washi

It is a backing paper used for the inside and back of the hanging scroll. Since ancient times, Japanese tissue for lining made in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture has spread all over the country. The origin of Misu's Washi is derived from the place name "Kuzu" in Yoshino, where this paper was made. Only the paper made in Yoshino is called Hon Misu, and the paper from other production areas is called Misu Paper. Hon Misu is now very difficult to procure and is a valuable Japanese paper.

Oban Misu Washi

It is a backing paper used for the inside and back of the hanging scroll. It is 100% handmade Japanese paper. Misu paper has the effect of suppressing the hygroscopic effect by adding whitewash (gofun: oyster shell powder) and straining it to create softness. Our "Manyo" is the most popular Misu paper because of its beautiful finishing and easy to use.

Hadaura Washi

It is a backing paper used for the back mounting of hanging scroll which is the most important part in contact with main picture/writing paper . It is 100% handmade Japanese paper. Since it is a backing paper for picture/writing and fabrics, strength and surface uniformity are required. Our "Shippo" is a very popular backing paper because of its strength and ease of use.

Machine-made Backing paper

It is a roll paper made by mechanically straining Uda paper, Misu paper, and Hadaura paper , which are used for hanging roll, using high-quality mulberry.
Our products are manufactured by the world's highest level technology in Japanese tissue machine making, which product are very high quality and we have absolute confidence in our products.

Wide : 80cm & 100cm Length : 60m


Also known as " Wa-Toushi" paper, it is a Japanese paper made in Japan that imitates Chinese Maobian paper. This handmade paper made from mulberry and pulp is affordable and popular,
It is mainly used for backing paper of paintings and paintings.

74cm × 143㎝

Jyounaka Souura

Machine-made Japanese paper featuring a length of 209 cm. There are 2 type size 63cm wide and 78cm wide. The feature is that it can be backing made with one sheet for one hanging scroll thanks to this long size and the price is reasonable

Yamato-some (colored Washi paper)

Yamato-some is 100% hand-made Japanese paper made by dyeing (pre-dyed) thin-thickness Hadaura backing paper. Yamato dyeing, which is thin but strong thanks to Kozo (100%) and has no uneven color due to the experienced traditional technique of craftsman, is a popular Japanese Washi paper not only in Japan but all over the world. In the hanging roll, it is used for the backing according to the color of this main work. Please try this unique Japanese washi paper with a gentle texture of 16 colors.

Thermal Pressure Paper ” New Yamato”

This is a heat-pressed backing paper that is glued to our original machine-made mulberry backing roll paper. It is a hot-pressed paper that is soft in a short time, has an elegant finish with little "sledding" even in winter and summer when there is a large difference in temperature, and has excellent work efficiency. Please use it as a hanging scroll, a frame, a calligraphy, a rubbing book, and other backing paper. Adheres at 80 ° C or higher in 10 to 15 seconds. There is also a sister product, the economical type.

Torinoko Paper

It is the " Torinoko" Paper for underlay of framed work 100% pulp made in Echizen. There are three types: thick, light, and skin-colored. For thick type, there are 40 cm, 60 cm, 97 cm, 121 cm, and 3✕6 sizes. Except for flat format, it is easy to use with 50m roll.