Paste, Norioke ( Paste cooking tray), Gold & Silver leaf,

We have a lot of glue & paste for various purposes . In addition, the glue tray made of wood called "Sawara", which is a type of cherry blossom that uses the glue, is now a valuable item.
As the other item in this page, we are selling Gold leaf and Silver leaf also which we are using in our Yoshino factory to produce Gold/Silver foil stamping paper.


■ K3361 Miyoshino Nori for Fusuma, Shoji,  Gold/Silver foil paper    8 kg (1 kg ✕ 8 bags) and 3 kg container types.

This is starch-based adhesive and neutral with lye stop. It is the most popular simmered paste that goes well with Japanese paper, which has less lye from wood and is less likely to burn. It can be used as it is, and has been highly evaluated for its good workability.

■ Miyabi Nori for Fusuma, Shoji, Gold/Silver foil paper     8 kg (1 kg ✕ 8 bags) and 16 kg (16kg ✕ 1 bags)  types.

This is starch-based adhesive and neutral with lye stop.  Please mix with water.

■ K3362 Kinsen Nori for Hanging scrolls      2kg  (5 bags per box)

This glue can cover all the work of hanging scrolls. The culmination of Miyoshi Kinsendo’s technology.  Also, if you use our original “Kinsen Soft”, you can finish the shaft more supple and soft.

■ K3363 Hyousen Nori for Hanging scrolls       2kg (5 bags per box)

This glue can cover all the work of hanging scrolls. Leave the lining for both the fabrics and the paper.

■ K3363-2  Hyousen Nori Premium for Hanging scrolls       2kg (10 bags per box)

It is a glue for hanging scrolls with strong adhesive strength that has the same level of strength as ” Kataoka glue” . New product in 2021. Please try it.

■ Azusa Nori  for Hanging scrolls      1kg (16 bags per big box & 4 bags per small box)

It is a glue designated by ” Tokyo Hyougu Kyouji Kyokai”. (Tokyo Zhuangbiao Association) It is a special glue that has good workability and is easy to peel off.

■ Shofu Nori Powder     for Hanging scrolls and cultural property  5kg / 1bag  &  25kg / 1bag

It is a powder of ultra-high quality wheat starch, which has excellent storability and is used for restoration of ancient documents and cultural properties not only in Japan but also around the world.

■ Kyo-Kan Nori / Kan Nori         15kg / 1 jar &  15kg / bag

It is a cold paste that is boiled in starch in the coldest of the year, put in a jar as it is without adding preservatives or other chemicals, and slowly laid down while changing the water in the jar. The price will change depending on the number of years we have laid it down which effect glue strength (longer storage means weaker).  It is used for hanging scrolls such as cultural properties.