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One of the thinnest Japanese tissues that began to be squeezed in Mino (Gifu Prefecture). Today, it is mainly made in Tosa (Kochi Prefecture) and is mainly used for restoration and lining of works of art and packaging of valuables.

Lacquer Filter Paper (Hon-Yoshino-kami, Shin-Yoshino kami)

Hon-Yoshino paper is made in the Yoshino region of Nara prefecture, and is an ultra-thin yet tenacious Japanese tissue. It is suitable for filtering lacquer and oil, and what is currently produced in only Kubogaito, Yoshino Town has been handed down as an essential technique for preserving ancient cultural properties. The manufacturing method is similar to that of Honmisu paper, which is made in the same Yoshino, but the feature is that the seashell power is not mixed in the paper material and is applied to the dried wooden plate. Nowadays, Shin-Yoshino paper, which uses chemical fibers, is widely used because of its good price, durability and strength.

Chitsu kami (Persimmon astringency Paper)

" Chitsu" is a special hard paper that wraps books, especially Japanese books, to protect them. Our Chitsukami is made by applying persimmon astringent, which has a high insect repellent effect, to a thick Echizen Torinoko Paper ( total 4 layer ) by a craftsman. It is used for the Tatou (wrapping paper box) of the paulownia box to put the hanging scroll.

Kinsha・Yakutaishi・Usuyou Youkin hiraoshi

"Kinsha" is a Japanese paper made by sprinkling gold leaf and silver leaf on thin mechan-made paper and is used for the upper part of scrolls. " Yakutai shi" is a paper used to wrap medicine like letters, and is used for hanging scroll. " Usuyou Youkin Hiraoshi" is a very thin machine-made paper with Brass gold leaf attached. In addition, we also have unprocessed tissue paper.

Yamato Art Paper

Yamato art paper is a high-class Washi paper with a Japanese traditional design which made with old traditional method. There are many type papers with various colors and unique patterns. It can be used for various purposes such as shoji spots, wall sticking, and handmade hobbies.

60㎝X95㎝ 100 sheets