Kiribako ( Paulownia Box)

There are three types of paulownia boxes: a genuine paulownia box with tato using bamboo nails and special paulownia wood, a high-quality and most popular "Marufuku" paulownia box with a sense of value, and an economical "Karaft" paulownia box. We accept custom orders for all types of paulownia boxes, including thick-rolled core paulownia boxes, double-width paulownia boxes, painted outer boxes, folding screen boxes, and bowl boxes. The paper box is our original product. We also have multicolored cotton cloth including this turmeric dyeing, such as a yellow bag for folding screens that can be purchased with a paulownia box, and a " Furoshiki" that wraps a bowl and a jar. Bags such as yellow bags are also custom-ordered one by one.

■ Yellow bag for frame : Wide 90㎝ × 50ⅿ Roll   Order made size is also available.


■ Yellow bag for folding screen : Wide 70㎝・90㎝・112㎝・130㎝ ×37ⅿ Roll   Order made size is also available

■ Special bag for Japanese tea bowl


■ Others     We offer a variety of fabrics for a variety of uses. We will respond to various requests including this turmeric dyeing.