Metal leaf paper

Gold & Silver leaf paper

All of our gold and silver foil stamped papers are carefully finished one by one by craftsmen at our Yoshino gold and silver foil factory. We are able to customize the shape and size of the frame, folding screen etc., so please feel free to contact us. We also accept base and surface processing depending on the application.

95㎝ X 182㎝

Goldsmith Paper (Kin Zaiku)

Paper are by the best craftsmen in Kyoto. We have a large inventory of patterns for top bags, base bags, and tsuitates. We also accept custom orders for goldsmithing and embossing, including sliding doors. Please enjoy the traditional techniques that have been passed down.

Tenbukuro : 30cm ✕ 180cm  Jibukuro:60cm ✕ 180cm 1尺 X6尺  Tuitate  :109cm ✕ 95cm

Traditional Family Crest

Our Traditional family crest is produced by the best craftsmen in Kyoto. Customers appreciate that the crests stamped with the reliable technology cultivated over many years of experience are very beautiful. Currently, we use silk screen molds and take various measures such as genuine gold, genuine silver according to customer's request.

Folding Screen (Byoubu)

We also sell folding screens using our gold and silver foil stamping paper. Our folding screen is made with Akita cedar frame and edge. The front side is covered with binding paper, bagging paper, Torinokoshi, and gold and silver foil stamped paper, and the back side is covered dark blue cloth,. Cashew-matte coating on the edge, decorative metal fittings Gold flat metal fittings are standard specifications. It can be used for many years and is easy to repair. If you are looking for a good folding screen, please contact us. Additionally we also accept special printing on folding screens with special technology which was very difficult before.


Printing on Gold & Silver foil stamped paper

Conventionally, it is very difficult to beautifully print paints and inks on metal foil (genuine gold, genuine silver, brass foil, aluminum foil, etc.). ) Technology has evolved, and now it is possible to print and reproduce beautifully even on metal leaf, so please take advantage of it. Currently, it is used for replica making, folding screen painting, and interior decoration of the ossuary.