Fabric for hanging scroll

Kinran (golden textile)

" Kinran" (Goldden textile) is a noble fabric among them for surface decoration of hanging roll and is also used for monks' close. In hanging scrolls, "Kinran" is used for the art of a buddha`s painting. Please contact us as we can introduce many fabric other than the regular stock items in the catalogue

Wide 71㎝ X Length 1.5m, 5m and 10m depend on the model.
Bemberg ✕ Silk

Donsu ( figured textile without gold )

Generally to say, Donsu is the fabric weaved yarn dyed and patterned fabric excluding Kinran. There are many famous Donsu like "Dougen kire" "Kifune Donsu" " Utano kire" " Saga Donsu" " Shin Donsu" and "Kasuga Donsu" in our catalogue. As we have many type pattern outside our catalogue also, please contact us when you are trying to find any fabrics.

Wide 71㎝ X Length 9m

Muji (Plain fabrics)

In hanging scrolls, Muji (plain fabrics) are offen used to make art or calligraphy work to stand out. We have " Manshou kire", " Kodai Shike" and "Men Shinapar" depend on material in our catalogue. "Shike" incorporates raw silk threads which gives it a unique character. " Men Shinapar" is a supple thin fabric with few warps and no irregularities.

Uwamaki・Eginu (Silk for picture/hanging scroll)

This Uwamaki-Silk is the silk that is used for the upper part that can be seen on the front when the hanging roll wound, and it protects and decorates the wound hanging from rubbing. There are thermal pressure type, backing type, and no backing type. The colors are mainly light green yellow, but there are also navy blue, soot bamboo, and white Brown color.

Heat pressure type: light yellow and navy blue, 90 cm width x 10 m, 22.5 cm width x 40 m
Backing type : light green yellow, pure navy blue, soot bamboo, white Brown, same size of above
no backing type and Fukushima silk : 45 cm x 18 m,
We also have picture silk, Kawamata silk, crest

Nanako Tape (Sugi Tape)

This is a pure silk tape used for the decoration around the main paper of the hanging scroll.

There are 2 size of 8mm X 54m and15mm X 54m, and total 15 colors each.

Asuka Donsu (Paper Donsu)

It is a thick paper donsu and can be used without a backing. There are plain, gold stamped and patterned.

72㎝ X 142㎝ all 30 sheets roll except to A5701 & A5702 20 sheets roll.

Momi Kami (Rubbed Paper)

Rubbed paper is made by applying two layers of pigment and gold and silver mud in different colors, and the color of the lower layer appears in the upper layer (crack) that was rubbed and removed to form a pattern. As for the cover, it is mainly used as a cover for hanging scrolls in "grass & grass" and as a substitute for sliding doors and folding screens. With the spread of fabrics, the chances of using paper coverings have decreased, but nowadays the unique texture and old taste are being reviewed.

規格サイズ 1.95 尺(59㎝)X 4.0尺(121㎝) 25枚又は50枚入り バラでの販売も可能です。