Japanese Brushes

A Japanese brush manufactured by Kyoto craftsmen with great care. There are various types of brushes such as Noribake brushes, Tsukemawashi brushes, Nazebake brushes, Mizubake brushes, Shigokibake brushes, Dosabake brushes, and Uchibake brushes. We also have " Stencil Brush", " Drawing Brush" and "Maintenance brush".

We can provide many type of brush.  As we can select the proper brush for your use, please contact us without any hesitation.

Information of hair & size for our main brushes

Model No. Product Name Hair Size
K3401 Noribake Shiro Sheep & Goat 15~30cm
K3402 Noribake Goma Sheep & Goat 18~24cm
K3403 Noribake Shiro Sheep 15~21cm
K3404 Noribake Kumage Horse & Bear 15~21cm
K3405 Noribake for Wall Goat 18~24cm
K3406 Tsukemawashi Goat & Horse 15~21cm
Y3407 Tsukemawashi Sheep 15~21cm
K3408 Tsukemawashi Horse 15~21cm
K3411 Nazebake Tsuku Plant 15~21cm
K3412 Mizubake Deer 15~21cm
K3413 Shigokibake Goat & Horse 15~18cm
K3414 PC Noribake Pig 15~21cm
K3415 PC Kiritugibake Pig 15~18cm
K3416 Dosabake Sheep   9~18cm
K3417 Uchibake Tsuku Plant         15cm
K3418 Uchibake Superb Tsuku Plant 15cm(320/360g)