Shoji Paper

Kozo Shoji Paper

Handmade shoji paper made from mulberry with traditional way has a unique soft texture. "Gekkyu-den (Moon Palace)" is used in many cultural property-class shrines and temples as the finest paper mulberry paper. There are unbleached (Mizarashi) that retain the color of mulberry and White color. In addition to that, we also have affordable products such as Kozo Machinery 2X3 size.

Size 60㎝ X 95㎝ 100枚 sheets

Roll Shoji Paper

It is a roll shoji paper made by machine. Generally, most of the paper is made of pulp and rayon, but our original mulberry Shoji paper "Choseiden" is one of the few high-quality roll paper made of mulberry and has been very well accepted nationwide. There are many shoji papers, including "Yoshino", which boasts a high-class feel and thickness, depending on the application and budget.

Functional Shoji Paper

We handle various functional types of shoji paper such as non-tearable shoji paper, hard-to-tear shoji paper, flameproof shoji paper, patterned shoji paper, sick house countermeasure shoji paper, and light-tight shoji paper.

Bikou shi・Daiten shi

It is a very beautiful patterned paper that can be used for shoji paper and lighting. Bikou-shi is a handmade Washi paper made by Mino craftsmen using the traditional method, one by one, and you will be amazed at its beauty. In addition, autumn leaves and bamboo plants are also used in high-class red stamp books because of their beauty. You can enjoy various Unryu patterns and colored items.

60㎝ X 95㎝ 100 sheets