Parts of hanging scroll

Jikusaki – Zouge Daiyou (Ivory substitute)

These "Jikusaki" made of resin as a substitute for ivory. In particular, "Shinge", which is made of our original natural eucalyptus resin, is a very popular product because it does not undergo chemical changes and does not deform even after a long period of time. There are four colors, not only ivory (cream) but also black, urumi (brown), and vermilion(light Red)

Shinge Size : Whit (e 18, 24, 25.5, 27, 30mm, Black, Urumi (Brown), Vermilion (Light Red) 24, 25.5, 27mm

Jikusaki – Nuri (Painted)

Craftsmen use lacquer and cashews on wood such as cherry blossoms.
It is Jikusaki (shaft tip) colored with paint.

Diameter 24mm & 27mm
There are some model with 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm.

Jikusaki – Kanajiku for Buddha (Gold shaft for Buddha)

Mainly used for Buddha hanging scroll. Made of genuine gold plating on brass (copper and zinc combination). Our gold shaft "Phoenix" has a beautiful phoenix pattern and is available in a wide range of sizes from 12mm to 45mm diameter. There are also ancient gold shafts and transparent gold shafts.

Jikusaki – Bomboo, Horn, Ivory, for Scroll

Ivory Jikusaki is a rare item whose trade is currently restricted, but we have obtained a special international species business license (registration number 02628) and continue to handle it. In addition, there are various Jikusaki such as Bone, Kasuga (Deer horn), Tenga (Fang), and crystal substitute (Acrylic) . We also have ivory, bone, ivory substitute , crystal substitute, , genuine rosewood, and genuine ebony as the small Jikusaki for scrolls.

Fuchin – Kiyamizu Yaki

A " Fuchin" is a kind of decoration of hanging scroll that hangs from the " Jikusaki". It is a pottery made of Kyoto Kiyomizu ware. Please enjoy the handmade texture one by one.

All products come with bunch and boxes. The types of bunch are fresh purple, gold brown, dark brown, green, red, and ancient purple.

Fuchin – Kutani Yaki

It is a pottery Fuchin of Kanazawa Kutani ware which is very popular thanks to the vivid colors. Please enjoy the handmade texture one by one.

All products come with bunch and boxes. The types of bunch are fresh purple, gold brown, dark brown, green, red, and ancient purple.

Fuchin – Marble, Onix

The luxurious Natural Marble and Natural Onix Fuchin is very popular. Other than that, there are high-class arabesque transparent gold-plated Fuchin, genuine ivory in a paulownia box, and genuine gold-plated Fuchin etc...

Takuboku – Hanging string for hanging scroll

The special strings used for hanging scroll are generally collectively called "Takuboku". It is derived from the method of knitting the Sanada string called Takuboku assemble. In addition to the general two-color and three-color weaves for hanging scroll , we also have various plain color strings.

Length : 30m width : Big - around 8mm, medium - around 7mm, small - around 6mm
For some popular model, we also have 10mm, 9mm, and 4.5 mm width .on top of basic width.

Takuboku – Pure Silk, Pure Silk substitute, String for Paulownia Box

As a deluxe Takuboku, Pure silk type is made of 100% silk, and human silk (rayon) is finely and strongly woven as a substitute for pure silk. In addition, there are cotton and silk woven Sanada strings and special strings that are used as strings for paulownia boxes.

Length : 30m Width : Big - around 9mm, medium - around 7mm, small - around 5mm

Takuboku – Bobbing rool, Tsuyu Ito, Paipin Code

A bobbin roll is a product made by winding 150 ⅿ of Takuboku. There are " Matsu" (pine), " Kodai-Murasaki " (ancient purple), and "Kodai-sanshoku" (ancient three colors) that are the most popular design. Some other color bobbin rolls are also available, so please contact and check us. The " Tsuyu Ito" string is a thread (decoration) attached to the tip of the hanging scroll's " Fuutai" band for decorative purposes. Strictly speaking, white thread is called "Tsuyu"(Dew), pale yellow is called "水" (Water), and the others are called "花” (flowers), but nowadays, they are also called Tsuyu Ito (dew thread). There is also a Piepin Code used for the frame.

Bobbin roll : 150 m length Tsuyu Ito : 12m length Paipin Code : 6.5mm diameter × 50ⅿ length

Futon , Fusa (Bunch), Round String for Frame

A futon is to prevent the frame from being damaged when decorating the frame with a frame holder. There are also Fusa (bunch) with 6 colors each used for round and square frames and round strings for frame.

Futon : Bottom 12cm × Hypotenuse 8㎝ Isosceles Triangle
As we have other size also, please contact.