Special purpose paper

Rayon Paper, Washing Curing Paper

Yamato Rayon Paper is a processed paper made from rayon and is mainly used for the curing scrolls. Both wash-curing paper and Shin-Yamato paper are used for curing when washing main paper like painting & writing work . In addition, it is used for various purposes by taking advantage of its ability to easily allow moisture to pass through.

Persimmon astringency Paper

Persimmon astringency contains a large amount of tannin, which is absorbed by the fiber of paper and converted into an insoluble substance, resulting in water resistance and antiseptic action. The property of allowing air to pass through but not water to pass through is useful, and it is used for paper mold and Karibari (drying panel) for the work of making hanging scrolls.

Byobu Urabari kami

In general, navy blue or greenish colors are often used for the lining of folding screens (Byobu) , and silk, woven fabric, torinoko kami, etc. are used as materials.

Fabric : 95㎝ ✕ 7.3ⅿ or 73m
Torinoko kami : 95㎝ ✕ 1.8ⅿ

Washi Pleated Screen & Roll Screen

It is a screen that can take in the soft light produced by Japanese paper. In addition, it is tough, uniform and supple due to surface processing, and has excellent light fastness, UV protection, disaster prevention performance, and water repellency.

Please contact us in advance as there are items to be confirmed depending on the construction method.