Tradition and creativity


A new "Japanese space / Japanese culture"

We are a trading company dedicated to manufacturing and selling Japanese traditional Japanese paper “Washi”, gold and silver foil stamping paper, and many materials and tools for restoration and fine arts.




Yamato Washi

Yamato Washi" is said to have started when the Prince of the Ouamano (later Emperor Tenmu) taught the villagers to make paper from mulberry.From the Muromachi era to the Edo era ( around 1300 ~1800), it was often used as “ Uda paper “and “Yoshino paper” , and it became very famous paper in Japan due to the high quality, and since then it has been handed down for generations while being nurtured by history and climate.In particular, Uda paper, HonMisu paper are useful as paper for national treasure repair, traditional arts and crafts, and hanging scroll in Kyoto.In these day, we have many kind of Washi (Japanese paper) in all over Japan on top of Yamato Washi.


Yamato luxury gold and silver leaf Paper

"The beauty and heart of Japan" Gold and silver leaf paper and all artistic work patterns have been handed down into the Japanese lifestyle while being cultivated in a thousand years of history and tradition.Please take a look at the craftsmanship that creates an elegant "brilliance".We will deliver a luxurious and elegant atmosphere to luxury Fusuma (Japanese style sliding door), Byoubu (folding screens),Frame of art, Wall covering paper temples, etc. As we produce these paper in our own factory in Yoshino/Nara prefecture, we will be able to meet your many type of request.