Washi for hanging scroll

Hon-Misu Washi

It is a backing paper used for the inside and back of the hanging scroll. Since ancient times, Japanese tissue for lining made in Yoshino, Nara Prefecture has spread all over the country. The origin of Misu's Washi is derived from the place name "Kuzu" in Yoshino, where this paper was made. Only the paper made in Yoshino is called Hon Misu, and the paper from other production areas is called Misu Paper. Hon Misu is now very difficult to procure and is a valuable Japanese paper.

■Kan tsubaki(64cm ✕ 75cm)100 sheets 12~25g/㎡ Various thickness
Hand made in Yoshino / Nara prefecture
Kozo 100% with Oyster shell powder (calcium carbonate)