Washi for hanging scroll

Yamato-some (colored Washi paper)

Yamato-some is 100% hand-made Japanese paper made by dyeing (pre-dyed) thin-thickness Hadaura backing paper. Yamato dyeing, which is thin but strong thanks to Kozo (100%) and has no uneven color due to the experienced traditional technique of craftsman, is a popular Japanese Washi paper not only in Japan but all over the world. In the hanging roll, it is used for the backing according to the color of this main work. Please try this unique Japanese washi paper with a gentle texture of 16 colors.

■ Yamato some (62cm ✕ 95cm) Handmade  100 sheets   100% Kozo Paper

Y1151 Asagi Y1152 Nezumi Y1153 Kusairo Y1154 Usucha
Y1155 KIiro Y1156 Cha Y1157 Karashi Y1158 Kincha
Y1159 Shibucha Y1160 Kogecha Y1161 Ebicha Y1162 Midori
Y1163 Nando Y1164 Fukamidori Y1165 Nasukon Y1166 Kuro