Washi for hanging scroll

Jyounaka Souura

Machine-made Japanese paper featuring a length of 209 cm. There are 2 type size 63cm wide and 78cm wide. The feature is that it can be backing made with one sheet for one hanging scroll thanks to this long size and the price is reasonable

Model Number Product Name Size
Y1261 Yachiyo   thin thickness  63㎝ × 209㎝
Y1262 Yachiyo   thin thickness 78㎝ × 209㎝
Y1263 Yaqchiyo medium thickness  63㎝ × 209㎝
Y1264 Yaqchiyo medium thickness 78㎝ × 209㎝
Y1265 Yachiyo thick thick thickness 63㎝ × 209㎝
Y1266 Yachiyo thick thick thickness 78㎝ × 209㎝