Fabric for hanging scroll

Muji (Plain fabrics)

In hanging scrolls, Muji (plain fabrics) are offen used to make art or calligraphy work to stand out. We have " Manshou kire", " Kodai Shike" and "Men Shinapar" depend on material in our catalogue. "Shike" incorporates raw silk threads which gives it a unique character. " Men Shinapar" is a supple thin fabric with few warps and no irregularities.

■ Manshou Kire(72cm ✕ 9m  Benberg ✕ Cotton)

It is a fabric with a gentle color that has a crown pattern or a vegetation pattern on a plain color. It is a very popular fabric that is used for top and bottom in the three-tiered surface of hanging scroll. The three most popular species, Tenpei Hokan Peony, Ancient Flower Mirror, and Syujaku Small Karakusa, are 100 cm wide.

■ Pure Silk Kodai Par(72cm ✕ 9m巻 Silk ✕ Silk Pongee)

It is a pure silk fabric made by weaving a pongee, which is characterized by twisting, which was developed in Kyoto in the 1965s.  It is a fissure that you can feel a unique texture even in a plain pattern by adding pongee.

■ Kodai Shike(68cm ✕ 9m巻 Silk ✕ Silk)

It is a fabric that has been often used in the top and bottom of hanging scroll for tea ceremony since ancient times. Like the pongee, the ancient Shike has a unique atmosphere even in the plain due to the knots of the thread, and it is ideal for the shaft and frame of calligraphy or Haiku.


■ Men Shina Par(72cm ✕ 9m  Benberg ✕ Cotton )

It is used for the top and bottom in the normal three-tiered surface of hanging scroll. It is the most commonly used fabrics because it is available in plain and elegant colors and is affordable.