Fabric for hanging scroll

Fabric for Frame backed with paper (Asuka Ori)

It is a fabric "Asuka Ori" with a lining that is mainly used for framed use and sometimes for wall sticking. It is 98 cm wide and easy to use.

■ Asuka Ori  Pattern(98cm ✕ 10m   Acetate ✕  Rayon)

We have prepared 32 types of commonly used patterns so that you can use them for various purposes.

Asuka Ori  Muji / Plane(98cm ✕ 10m   Acetate ✕  Rayon)

It is a plain fabrics with a texture like ” Men Shina Par”.

■ Asuka Ori Tsumugi(98cm ✕ 10m  Special Rayon ✕ Rayon)

It is a fabric made of rayon that imitates a pongee made from tsumugi thread drawn directly from a cocoon. We have 4 colors that are often used.

■ Asuka Ori Kinran  (106cm ✕ 5m  Acetate ✕ Rayon)

We have prepared 3 types of small pattern of Kinran that are easy to match.