Fabric for hanging scroll

Donsu ( figured textile without gold )

Generally to say, Donsu is the fabric weaved yarn dyed and patterned fabric excluding Kinran. There are many famous Donsu like "Dougen kire" "Kibune Donsu" " Utano kire" " Saga Donsu" " Shin Donsu" and "Kasuga Donsu" in our catalogue. As we have many type pattern outside our catalogue also, please contact us when you are trying to find any fabrics.

■ Dougen kire (71cm ✕ 9m  Benberg ✕  Double sided foil/Cotton)

Double-sided foil is woven into the weft, but the feature of this fabric is that this foil is baked three times to bring out a unique color.  Also, like Kibune Donsu, it is a fabric that is very easy to hang and work.

■ Kibune Donsu with foil (71cm ✕ 9m  Benberg ✕  Double sided foil/Cotton)

It is a fabric made by weaving a part of the pattern of Kibune Donsu with foil. By using double-sided foil for the weft, it is a luxurious fissure with gorgeousness and profoundness.

■ Utano Kire  (71cm ✕ 9m    Silk × 2Color Silk )

There is a rich taste unique to pure silk in the color pattern that makes you feel the dignified texture and depth. The weft comes in two colors so you can enjoy the three-dimensional pattern.



■ Saga Donsu  (71cm ✕ 9m 巻  Silk × Silk )

There is a rich taste unique to pure silk in the color pattern that makes you feel the dignified texture and depth.

Navy arabesque peony, Brown peony, and Spring wakaba are popular patterns often used for calligraphy.

■ Kibune Donsu  (71cm ✕ 9m   Benberg × 2 Color Cotton )

Named after Kibune in Kyoto, Kibune Donsu is one of the most popular fabric because of its good finish, abundant colors, and affordability.

■ Shin Donsu  ( 71cm ✕ 9m  Benberg × Cotton )

It is also popular fabric along with Kibune Donsu. The difference from Kibune Donsu is that the weft is one color and the appearance is a little light.


■ Kasuga Donsu (100cm ✕ 10m 巻    Benberg ×  Rayon)

It is a 100 cm wide fabric, which is rare in unlined fabric. There are two types, Hakuiri (with foil) Kasuga Donsu with luxurious foil that uses double-sided gold foil for the weft (from YX 6401 to YX 6404) and normal Kasuga Kasuga. (All others) We have prepared popular colors and patterns that are easy to use.


■ Douiri Takedabishi ・Menkando (71cm・72㎝ ✕ 9m  Benberg × Cotton )

甲斐の国 武田信玄の家紋である武田菱を柄どった銅入武田菱はカラフルな優しい色合いの裂地で五月節句、三月雛用にお使い頂けます。綿間道は昔ながらの縦縞の文様で京みやこ縞、吾妻縞、吉祥縞、深川縞を用意しました。

The Douiri Takedabishi , which has the pattern of the family crest of ” Takeda Shingen ” (very famous Lord in 15th century) , is a colorful and gentle-colored fabric that can be used for May festivals ” Boys day”  and March festivals ” Girls Day” .

Menkando has traditional vertical stripe patterns, including Kyoto Miyako stripes, Azuma stripes, Kisso stripes, and Fukagawa stripes.