Shoji Paper

Functional Shoji Paper

We handle various functional types of shoji paper such as non-tearable shoji paper, hard-to-tear shoji paper, flameproof shoji paper, patterned shoji paper, sick house countermeasure shoji paper, and light-tight shoji paper.

■ Hard to tear Shoji Paper

① Sunup   Plain/Unryu   95㎝ × 15ⅿ・30ⅿ   70g/㎡
  It has the texture of Japanese washi paper that is strong against water and is not easily torn.
   The plain type is also wide with a width of 133 cm.

② Yaburenikui Shoji kami  Plain/Unryu 95㎝ × 30ⅿ 71g/㎡  4 times stronger than normal shoji paper.
High shape stability and difficult to shrink.

■Non-tearable shoji paper

① Lamy    Plain/Unryu  95㎝ × 15ⅿ   70g/㎡
Plastic processing on one side of shoji paper. This Shoji paper has a high heat insulation effect and ideal for cooling and heating.

② Molpet Plain/Unryu  95㎝ × 195㎝・215㎝)165 g/㎡ This model is very unique with both sides of PET sandwiched
between normal Shoji paper. The biggest strong point is that can be pasted with ordinary glue.


③ Super Lontex  Plain   95㎝ × 30ⅿ 70 g/㎡
Shoji paper with both sides of PET sandwiched between Washi paper.
As the surface is Japanese washi shoji paper,  the texture is good.

■Functional Shoji Paper

① Flameproof Shoji Paper Muento     95㎝ × 30m     72g/㎡
Flameproof agent Guanidine compound on normal Shoji Paper.  Japan Fire and Disaster Prevention Association certified product.

② Hikari Clean  95㎝ × 30m  62g/㎡

Measures for sick house syndrome. Deodorant decomposition, antiviral effect by titanium oxide photocatalyst formulation

③ Plastic shoji paper / No condense (94 cm x 215 cm)  70g/㎡ Plain / Unryu / Sakura pattern
This Paper is hard to tear is sandwiched between special plastic materials to give the texture of Japanese paper.
Achieves overwhelming strength and durability while leaving. It can be wiped with water even if it gets dirty.
It is a shoji paper that has a much higher heat insulating effect than regular products and prevents dew condensation.
This product does not adhere with starch glue, so please use double-sided tape.

④ Shoji paper that blocks light (94 cm x 215 cm)  Plain only
It is a product that meets the needs of shoji paper that blocks light as lifestyles change.
In the daytime, it cuts more than 99% of sunlight and reduces 20% due to the heat insulation effect.
Brighten the room at night does not show a figure to the outside. Just use a special film to shut out the light
Not only that, it is 5 times stronger than normal shoji paper, so it is safe in terms of strength.
The construction is the same as normal shoji paper, but spraying is not required.

⑤ Yamato color shoji paper (636 mm x 950 mm) Basis weight 70 g / ㎡, 3 colors of yellow, light blue and pink
Color shoji paper that can be purchased even 1 pc in 2×3 size in response to strong requests from customers
is now on sale. It features a gentle pastel shade. Construction is the same as ordinary shoji paper.
Please use it for spot design and checkered pattern design.

⑥ Patterned shoji paper (94 cm × 7.2 m roll) One roll is enough for 4 shojis, and various patterns are available.
In addition to Plain and Unryu, there are a total of 6 types: Pine, Bamboo, Plum, and Maple.
Contains rayon and vinylon for a very bright finish. It is very easy to install, and
It can be applied with the same starch paste as regular shoji paper.