Shoji Paper

Bikou shi・Daiten shi

It is a very beautiful patterned paper that can be used for shoji paper and lighting. Bikou-shi is a handmade Washi paper made by Mino craftsmen using the traditional method, one by one, and you will be amazed at its beauty. In addition, autumn leaves and bamboo plants are also used in high-class red stamp books because of their beauty. You can enjoy various Unryu patterns and colored items.

■ Bikou-shi

60㎝ X 93㎝  100 sheets枚、Kozo 100%
This paper, which requires special papermaking technology, is still inherited in Mino.

Y1331 Y1332 Y1333 Y1334 Y1335
Y1336 Y1337 Y1338

■ Daiten-shi (Unryu-shi)

60 X 95㎝  100 sheets

Y1361/62 Y1363 Y1364 Y1365 Y1366
Y1367 Y1368 Y1369 Y1370 Y1371