Metal leaf paper

Gold & Silver leaf paper

All of our gold and silver foil stamped papers are carefully finished one by one by craftsmen at our Yoshino gold and silver foil factory. We are able to customize the shape and size of the frame, folding screen etc., so please feel free to contact us. We also accept base and surface processing depending on the application.

■ Gold & Silver leaf Paper

There are several type of Gold & Silver leaf, but the main material are Brass Gold and real Gold in case of Gold color, and  Aluminum Silver and real Silver in case of Silver color.  There are various processing methods, so please contact us.

No.1  No.2  No.6  No.7 
No8  No.9 No.10 No.11
No.12 No.13 No.14 No.15
No.17 No.18 No.18-2  No.19
No.19-2 No.22 No.23 No.24
No.25 No.26 No.33 No.34
No.35 No.36-1 No.36-2 No.37
No.38 NO.39 No.40 No.41
 No.45 No.46 No.47   No.48
 No.50 No.51 No.52  No.53 
No.54 No.55 No.61 No.101
No.103 No.104 No.108 No.111 
No.112 No.113 No.114 No.115
No.118 No.120 No.121 No.122
No.123 No.124 No.125 No.126


■ 別注品ご紹介

洋金箔 淡青箔 洋金箔 淡青箔 裏箔 洋金箔 銀いぶし 洋金箔 銀いぶし 裏箔
洋金箔 紫 洋金箔 紫 裏箔 洋金箔 茜 洋金箔 茜 裏箔
洋金箔 錆色 洋金箔 錆色 洋金箔 緑 洋金箔 緑 裏箔