Parts of hanging scroll

Takuboku – Bobbing rool, Tsuyu Ito, Paipin Code

A bobbin roll is a product made by winding 150 ⅿ of Takuboku. There are " Matsu" (pine), " Kodai-Murasaki " (ancient purple), and "Kodai-sanshoku" (ancient three colors) that are the most popular design. Some other color bobbin rolls are also available, so please contact and check us. The " Tsuyu Ito" string is a thread (decoration) attached to the tip of the hanging scroll's " Fuutai" band for decorative purposes. Strictly speaking, white thread is called "Tsuyu"(Dew), pale yellow is called "水" (Water), and the others are called "花” (flowers), but nowadays, they are also called Tsuyu Ito (dew thread). There is also a Piepin Code used for the frame.