Special purpose paper

Rayon Paper, Washing Curing Paper

Yamato Rayon Paper is a processed paper made from rayon and is mainly used for the curing scrolls. Both wash-curing paper and Shin-Yamato paper are used for curing when washing main paper like painting & writing work . In addition, it is used for various purposes by taking advantage of its ability to easily allow moisture to pass through.

■ Yamato Rayon Paper  95cm ✕ 100m  20g/㎡

■ Washing Curing Paper  100cm ✕ 20m  20g/㎡

■ New Yamato Paper 100cm ✕ 60m 20g/㎡ & 30g/㎡



15g/㎡ Type is also available based on pre-order if you like.