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Special writing paper for buddhist chant

We have collected high-quality Japanese paper that is often used for writing Buddhist chant. Both are now very rare and valuable Japanese paper.

■ Y1510 Orchid Paper  96㎝ × 186㎝

High-quality Japanese paper dyed indigo, also known as blue-white paper.

■ Y1511 Navy blue paper  96㎝×18㎝

The color is high-quality Japanese paper dyed in dark brown rather than navy blue.

■ Y1512 Myouhou shi  66㎝ × 186㎝

Japanese paper dyed yellow. Mainly used for sutras and manuscripts of “Lotus Sutra”.

■ Y1513 Ganpi Paper     96㎝ ×186㎝

High-class Japanese paper made only from ganpi.

It features smooth paper surface, luster, and toughness. Because the ganpi fibers are short and fine, the brush feel is very soft when writing a calligraphy, and the light brown translucent texture has a unique texture. It may also be used for lining.