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Japanese Writing Paper & Chinese Xuan Paper

There are hemp paper & Japanese painting paper made in Echizen Japan, and Xuan paper made in China. Hemp paper is the finest Japanese paper made by the holder of an important intangible cultural property.

Hemp Paper

Basic size : 97cm ✕ 191cm, On top of this, there are 124cm✕190cm、157cm✕221cm、194cm✕254cm、227cm✕287cm handmade production.

■ Y1290 Hemp Paper thin type

■ Y1291 Hemp Paper  thick type


■ Y1292 Kumohada Hemp Paper Extra thick type

Japanese Writing Paper 

Handmade in Echizen(Fukui Pre.)

■ Y1281 Byakuran 69 ✕ 136cm
thin type   White

■ Y1282 Kinhou 69cm ✕ 136cm
thick type   Pure White

■Y1282 Kinhou 34.5cm ✕ 136cm
thick type   Pure White

■Y1283 Rantei 69cm ✕ 136cm
medium type  Light Brown

■Y1283 Kasei 69cm ✕ 136cm
medium type  Light Brown

■Honkuzu      69cm ✕ 136cm
medium type    Yellow

 Chinese Xuan Paper

Handmade in Xuancheng, Anhui, China

■ Y1286 Hongasen   69cm ✕ 136cm & 179cm ✕ 95cm  1 layer  (Tansen)

■ Y1287 Seiroppiki   68cm ✕ 136cm 2 layer medium (Kyousen)

■Y1288 Gyokubansen 1 layer   68cm ✕ 133cm  Ball plate processing

■Y1289 Gyokubansen 2 layer   68cm ✕ 133cm  Ball plate processing