Washi for Fusuma


These paper used for fusuma (Sliding door) construction. There are two major type which " Chiri-Uke" made from old paper (mainly news paper) with grey color, and " Cha-Uke" made from Pulp with light brawn color. Both paper is surely necessary paper as the backing paper of " Fusuma", and very economical paper to use for reasonable and economical" Fusuma".

■Y1431 Chiri-Uke (63.5cm ✕ 95.5cm)500 sheets  Old paper 100%   35g/㎡

It is a dust-floating paper made by thoroughly deinking and removing dust from used newspapers and then using as little chemicals and sizing agents as possible. It is very stable and has good water absorption, so it is suitable not only for fusuma underlaying but also for wallpaper underlaying. It is a 500-sheet flat wrapping.


■Y1434 Cya-Uke KINRYU(69.0cm ✕ 95.5cm)500 sheets  Old Paper/Pulp  38g/㎡

Since the length is 69cm,  3 sheets can coverd on the long sliding doors like 200cm, which is excellent in workability.

■Y1436 Cya-Uke JYURAKU (63.5cm ✕ 95.5cm)1000 sheets  Pulp 100%  31g/㎡

This paper made from 100% unbleached kraft pulp. Packed in units of 1000 sheets. Normally, the product is packed in three folds, but we can respond to customer requests such as two folds, four-way cutting, and flat size.  There are also half-cut and wide type (72cm  width). This paper is the standard model in this category.


■Y1437 Cya-Uke KINPAI (63.5cm ✕ 95.5cm)1000 sheets  Normal Pulp 10% Craft Pulp  90%  34g/㎡

It paper is using pulp and craft (waste paper). Packed in units of 1000 sheets  packed in three folds

■Y1438 Cya-Uke SENGOKU TOKUATSU (63.5cm ✕ 95.5cm)1000 sheets  Pulp 100%  38g/㎡

It is the thickest in Cya-Uke  in 63.5 cm x 95.5 cm size.

■Y1439 Cya-Uke TAKARA (63.5cm ✕ 95.5cm)63.5cm ✕ 95.5cm)1000 sheets  Pulp 100%  36g/㎡

This paper made from 100% unbleached kraft pulp, and is the most popular Cya-Uke paper because it is thick, strong and easy to work with. Packed in units of 1000 sheets. The regular product is packed in three folds, but there is also a fold in two.  There is also a wide type (72cm width).

■Y1440 Cya-Uke KOTOBUKI (95.5cm ✕ 180cm)300 sheets  Pulp 100%  54g/㎡

It is the only brown paper that can be pasted with one underlay to cover 1 Fusuma. Packed 300 sheets.
It has an overwhelming thickness and strength with a basis weight of 54 g.

■Y1441 Shiro-Uke HAKUHOU (63.5cm ✕ 95.5cm)100 sheets  Pulp 100% 35g/㎡

It is the only white paper in Uke-gami. It contains 2000 pieces per case, but it is possible to sell in units of 100 pieces.

■Y1461 KUWACHIRI (62cm ✕ 95.5cm) 100 sheets  Pulp 60%、Old Paper 20%、Kozo 20%

It is a paper made by putting the exodermis (black skin) of Kozo (mulberry).

It is a unique paper called mulberry chili because it used to use mulberry skin.