Washi for Fusuma


This is 100% Kozo (mulberry) paper which imitate Hosokawa Washi produced by Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture, which has been selected as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.It is also used for sliding doors, folding screen underlays, wallpaper, and restoration overseas.  We have a wide range of thicknesses from 3momme (20g/㎡) to 7 momme (46g/㎡). It is a very strong paper with Korean long fiber mulberry and the skill of craftsmen, and can be used for folding screen hinges, torso, umbrella paper, and lanterns.

■Y1421 Seiriki(61cm ✕ 94cm)
20g/㎡   Kozo 100% made in Korea

■Y1422 Tokuriki (61cm ✕ 94cm)
26g/㎡  Kozo 100% made in Korea

■Y1423 Shirataka (61cm ✕ 94cm)
33g/㎡  Kozo 100% made in Korea

■Y1427 Hyakuninriki(61cm ✕ 94cm)
33g/㎡ Kozo 100% made in Korea

■Y1424 Ryuou         (61cm ✕ 94cm)
39g/㎡  Kozo 100% made in Korea

■Y1429 Kongouriki ( 61cm ✕ 94cm)
46g/㎡  Kozo 100% made in Korea