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Kinsha・Yakutaishi・Usuyou Youkin hiraoshi

"Kinsha" is a Japanese paper made by sprinkling gold leaf and silver leaf on thin mechan-made paper and is used for the upper part of scrolls. " Yakutai shi" is a paper used to wrap medicine like letters, and is used for hanging scroll. " Usuyou Youkin Hiraoshi" is a very thin machine-made paper with Brass gold leaf attached. In addition, we also have unprocessed tissue paper.

■ Y1451 Kinsha-Koishi iri   99㎝ × 180㎝  for hanging scrolls and mounts

■ Y1452 Kinsha-NogeKoishi iri  99㎝ × 180㎝ for hanging scrolls and mounts

■ Y1457 Yakutai shi  48㎝ × 72㎝
This paper is Hon-Sekishu paper colored with Kasuri.

■ Y1458 Extra thin Brass foil paper  36㎝ × 96㎝ for Scroll