Fusuma Picture ( Hand Writing)

The 4-panel fusuma painting of “Dragon” that we requested to the artist has arrived. I’m looking forward to seeing how this picture will be finished in a powerful dragon painting Fusuma by the hands of the mounting craftsman. The concept of “dragon” has existed not only in China and Japan but all over the world since ancient times. In Kyoto, the painting “Unryu-zu” painted on the ceiling of Myoushin-ji Temple by Tanyu Kano, a painter in the early Edo period, is famous, but “dragons” are drawn on the sliding doors and ceilings of several temples. In Zen, the dragon is also called “Ryujin”, which is a guardian of Buddhism, and it is said that drawing a dragon god who controls water is meant to protect buildings from fire, which people feared at the time. These days, hand-painted fusuma paintings are very rare and valuable, but there are several artists who are working hard to expand the wonderful world of fusuma paintings. This time it was a “dragon”, but it is possible to make various handwritten fusuma paintings. we would like to continue to make efforts to attract interest in fusuma paintings that can satisfy both art and physical function.