Professional scissors ” Nevanon ”

This time, I want to introduce scissors that I would like to recommend to restoration master and interior handcraft man . Born in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, the city of cutlery in Japan, this scissors can be cut surprisingly accurately and beautifully, whether it is a thin moist Washi paper, a sliding door with thread, or a cloth. In addition, the world’s first technology “Double Fluorine Coating” keeps all adhesives such as glue, bond and gum tape away. After using it, just wipe it off with a dry cloth. With this outstanding “sharpness” and “non-adhesive”, you can cut more comfortably than ever before, and the sharpness will continue and your work will be improved. I recommend 240 mm for interior handcraft man with various cuts such as cloth,  210 mm for  restoration master who handle wet and thin Washi paper, and 170 mm for hobbyists. By all means, I would like you to use this Nevanon once and experience the surprising sharpness. You might think it’s just scissors, but once you use it, you’ll understand its value. Also, this time, our customer made an objective comparison video in Japanese (sorry only in Japanese)  because it is a very good product, so I will introduce it together. Please take a look at Youtube!