Insect repellent incense

We would like to inform you about our original product, insect repellent incense. Our insect repellent incense is a product jointly developed with the long-established incense stick “Shoueido”, including incense sticks that use only natural incense wood and herbs that have been in business for over 300 years in Kyoto. ” The buds of sandalwood” , a tropical evergreen tree native to India, and a refreshing sweet fragrance, which are the crystals of the wisdom of our ancestors, and ” Cloves ” (an evergreen bud of the Myrtaceae family native to the Maluku Islands, Indonesia, are used for herbal medicine and incense. It was a samurai fragrance during the Warring States period),  “Katsura”  (a tree bark such as Ceylon cinnamon native to tropical regions such as Keihi and Sri Lanka, and the king of spices cinnamon)  The repellent effect and its scent of our insect repellent scent, which is made with an exquisite combination, is noble and effective,  and has been highly evaluated.   If you put it in a hanging scroll paulownia box or paper box, it is an insect repellent scent made only of natural materials, so unlike chemical insect repellent scents, it will not affect the hanging scroll even if it is used for a long time. Insect repellent scents of chemicals have a high insect repellent effect, but the chemical components vaporize, and these vaporized chemical components may cause stains on the hanging scroll, so be sure to use it as an important hanging scroll.  Also, please use it for storing brushes, books, dolls, etc.