Traditional Japanese decoration with gold leaf powder

This time, we would like to introduce our company’s luxury gold work. This  is a very unique and traditional Japanese technique, in which various types of gold leaf, such as real gold leaf and brass gold leaf, are finely divided and scattered using a special tool (a net attached to a bamboo tube), with consideration given to the balance by the craftsman.  It is said that the production of gold leaf developed in ” Kanazawa”  during the era of ” Toyotomi Hideyoshi” , who loved gold, and this type of  gold work fusuma developed in the Edo period. Nowadays, it is rarely used in ordinary households, but it is very often used for the fusuma (sliding doors) of temples and other Japanese historical houses. We have more than 20 kinds of patterns (you can see them in the gold work section of our website) in stock, and we also handle various individual order based on customer’s request . We will continue to strive to pass on to future generations the techniques of Japanese traditional crafts, which are not only fittings but also works of art.