Family crest on Fusuma

We received an order for a colored family crest . In many cases, it is stamped with Real gold, Substitute gold, Real silver, Substitute silver, etc., but this time, three pieces of wisteria purple “Gosan no Kiri” are put on the Japanese traditional Fusuma “Torinokogami”  for a total of 28 fusuma sheets. In the past, craftsmen made their own patterns from Kaki-shibu Paper, but nowadays they use computers to make patterns with silk screen. In the case of colored family crests, the pattern, size, color and texture of the crest are judged, and the craftsman mixes glue and delicate paints with mineral pigments and water-dried paints to make adjustments and prepare and press the optimum paint. .. Very high technology is required to beautifully press a thick crest, and We would like you to take a look at the essence of craftsmanship.