“Hyosen Glue”, a glue for making a hanging scroll

Today, I would like to introduce “Hyosen Glue” (glue for making a hanging scroll). “Hyosen Glue” has been sold for a long time as a very easy-to-use special glue that can be used for all purposes to make a hanging scroll. Recently, the supply of “Kataoka glue”  (glue developed by Mr. Ichiro Kataoka) of Ichigado, which was very famous as a glue, has ended, and many customers have recently used ” Hyosen glue”  as a substitute.  In addition, although it will be treated as a bespoke order, we also supply “Hyosen Gokujou”, which has stronger adhesive strength than “Hyosen glue”. If you are looking for a glue that is an alternative to “Kataoka glue”, please try “Hyosen glue” once. We would appreciate it if you could also add another special glue for exterior decoration, “Kinsen Glue”.