Kozo Shoji Paper 「Choseiden」

This time, the shoji paper  “Choseiden” has been adopted as one of the most famous temples in Nara Prefecture !   I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to “Choseiden”. “Choseiden” is a high-class shoji paper made from kozo (Japanese mulberry) , which is the traditional raw material of Japanese paper (Washi).  There are old-fashioned unbleached (Mizarashi) that retains the color of mulberry,  pure white color that was born at the request of the customer, and a Unryu that contains a powerful Unryu Pattern.  In addition to enjoying the texture and warmth of handmade Japanese paper,  ① the shoji paper made of mulberry has good breathability and the effect of an air purifier that removes impurities in the air.  ② UV cut effect that allows you to feel the natural light  ③ there is a humidity control effect due to the moisture absorption and release action of the natural material mulberry.   In addition, some customers have evaluated it as calming for some reason.  The standard size are  95 cm x 60 m and 95 cm x 30 ⅿ.  It is a shoji paper that is widely used in Japanese cultural property class shrines and temples and luxury traditional Japanese style inns.  By all means, I would like to ask for shoji paper made from old-fashioned materials that have been passed down from long ago.