Custom order for the Paulownia Box

We sell hanging scroll paulownia boxes, but nowadays we are increasing the number of custom-made paulownia boxes. For hanging scrolls, we have thick rolls and double wrapped boxes with lacquer (Shunkei lacquer, Beni Tame lacquer, Natural lacquer, etc.)  as you can see the pictures. We also made folding screen boxes, paper card boxes, paulownia boxes to store old documents of important cultural properties, and paulownia boxes for valuable lamps.  We has equipment to make up to 3.6 ⅿ paulownia box, and it is made by craftsmen who are dedicated to paulownia box for more than 40 years. Paulownia is a wood that has a high insect repellent effect and has an excellent corrosion prevention effect because it contains a lot of tannins. In addition, it is hard to burn, has a low shrinkage rate, and stabilizes the internal humidity due to high humidity absorption and release, so it is a wood that has been loved for a long time in Japan as a material for storing important things.  However,  the reality is that the number of craftsmen who make paulownia boxes is decreasing year by year.  We would like to develop various boxes using paulownia together with our customers. We look forward to working with you.