Genuine silver foil pressed with cedar board


We received a rare order from a customer. The job is to attach this silver foil to a cedar board. The genuine silver foil affixed to the cedar board slightly reflects the fine grain of the cedar, giving it a tasteful finish. When we recall, we made a gorgeous paulownia box with this gold leaf stamped on a ” Donsu” paper, and a golden Matoi (Matoi: a kind of flag used by the town fire extinguisher in the Edo period). I received various jobs other than flat stamping on Torinoko-Paperi.  This gold leaf creates a luxurious feeling with golden brilliance, and this silver leaf gives a unique atmosphere by withering and discoloring with the passage of time.  We would like to consider new products that utilize these foil so that we can contribute as much as possible to the succession of traditional craftsmanship of Kanazawa’s foil stamping craftsmen, our foil stamping craftsmen with their excellent knowledge and skills.