Horsehair Paste Strainer with large diameter (27cm)

About two years ago, we introduced the horsehair strainer for the first time. Thanks to all of you, we were able to receive many orders (especially from Europe & US), and we are deeply grateful to promote Japanese traditional tools.  The other day, we received a notice from our paste strainer craftsman that they had a small stock of horsehair nets about 27 cm (normal one is 18 cm), so we decided to manufacture and introduce a large-diameter horsehair paste strainer. Horsehair paste strainer uses two horsehairs that weave two horsehairs into one, as well as three and four hairs. Our regular stock horsehair paste strainer 18 cm uses 2 hair type, but this time we use 3 hairs or 4 hairs because we need more strength due to the large diameter. Due to the limited stock of horsehair nets of  27cm,  this model is only available for the current stock qty.  As it is a very valuable tool, so we decide to introduced it.  For hanging mounting craftsmen, we offer wonderful & traditional tools that are unique in the world, each one made by hand using a traditional method  has been handed down from long ago, a competition between the skills of a bending craftsman and a horse hair weaving craftsman. Please try it.