Yoshino ceder / Shaft Rods

“Yoshino” cedar, which boasts the highest quality timber, has been cultivated through a favorable climate and excellent traditional intensive techniques, and has been known as a high-quality wood material since ancient times. “Yoshino” Town in Nara Prefecture has developed as a concentrated market for “Yoshino” cedar due to its geographical location as the gateway to the Yoshino-Kumano Mountains, and the “Yoshino” cedar lumber industry has become active.  In “Yoshino” Town, the Shaft Rod of our company are produced  at our own factory.  “Yoshino” cedar has a long history of artificial planting, dating back to approximately 500 years ago. Later, when ” Toyotomi Hideyoshi”  was building Osaka Castle, Yoshino businesses worked together to carry to Osaka and sell them.  Throughout this history, it is no exaggeration to say that Yoshino’s predecessors have created the foundations of Japan’s forestry industry through the accumulation of research and techniques for cultivating artificial forests. The biggest characteristics of  “Yoshino”  cedar are that the core is in the center with little bending, the width of the growth rings is uniform and narrow, and the color is glossy and glossy.  Please try the “Yoshino” cedar shaft made in this way.  Our shaft rods are always in stock with a length of 186 cm and a diameter of 12 mm to 45 mm, and other items are available as special orders.  We also sell several wooden products for Fusuma / Shoji made from this “Yoshino”  cedar, so please feel free to contact us with any questions.  There are only a few days left in this year. We were able to spend the year 2023 safely with the support of everyone involved.  We sincerely thank you. Our company will be on winter vacation from December 28th to January 8th. We pray that the new year will be a wonderful year for everyone.