Ancient Colored ” Jikusaki” (scroll shaft Tip)

A gold ” Jikusaki” (scroll shaft tip) is used for hanging scrolls of Buddhist paintings. Buddhist paintings are mainly paintings related to Buddhism, such as Buddhist statues, portraits of high priests, and mandalas, and are paintings produced for the purpose of worship. Our gold ” Jikusaki”  are made of brass (copper-zinc alloy) with real gold plating, but we rarely receive orders for ancient-colored gold  ” Jikusaki” . When the shining gold “Jikusaki”  does not match the Buddhist painting scroll that has been carefully stored for a long time, we use the gold “Jikusaki”  with the ancient color. The 27mm ancient color gold “Jikusaki”  that is normally in stock is plated and then subjected to surface chemical conversion treatment to give it an old-tasted color.  Some days before, I received an order for an ancient gold scroll with a diameter of 40mm . There was a very nice atmosphere.

Well, there are finally a few more days to go in the year. It’s been a tough year due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and higher prices of everything, but we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has shown an interest in our products. I will try to make the new year a better year. I hope you all have a healthy and wonderful new year. . .