New release of heat-adhesive ” New Yamato Tape ”

The “Atsu-haru Tape” in the photo, which was sold as a thermal adhesive tape is no longer available for sale from our company due to the manufacturer’s circumstances. We are very sorry about this news.  At this time, we would like to introduce the replacement “New Yamato Tape” to our customers who have been using “Atsu-haru Tape”. The method of use and the set temperature are exactly the same. Before the release of this time, we had several professional craftsmen for hanging roll try it out, and we received a good evaluation. The conventional ” Ats-haru tape” was 1 box of 3mm x 40m x 10 rolls for 400m, but the ” new Yamato tape”  is 3mm x 50m x 4 rolls for 200m. The price will be offered at almost half the price/m  Other differences from ” Atsu-haru tape” are the diameter of the core and the color of the peeling paper (brown → white). If you are a customer who has been using ” Atsu-haru”  tape, please try it once.