2022 Zodiac Colored Paper Shikishi 「Tiger」Sales Start Now!

Every year, our original zodiac colored paper, which has been well received, and the zodiac colored paper of “Tiger” of 2022 have been made. These are the words of the author, Professor Chieko Kitabatake. “Tigers are considered to be gods of amulets and guardians, and are one of the four gods. We want to live a life that is as brave as the tiger in the picture and protects important things.  I included  ” Shou-Chiku-Bai” (Pine, Bamboo, Plum blossom) which give us Congratulations on the year in Japan . ”The strict and powerful expression of the parent tiger to protect the child is impressive against the expression of the innocent child tiger.  The Corona will continue to be difficult, but I hope that next year will be a wonderful year for all of you.