Spatula made of whale beard

Introducing the special Spatula made from the beard of a whale, which is hard to find now.  It is a spatula that has excellent elasticity and has a softness that is different from that of a stainless spatula or a plastic spatula. A whale beard is a plate-shaped part of the fibers found in the upper jaw of a baleen whale. Before the spread of plastic, it was very useful as an industrial material in Japan. Now that plastic has become widespread and commercial whaling has been restricted, whale spatula have disappeared. The whale spatula introduced this time are made by carefully carving out such precious materials one by one by an elderly skilled craftsman. As you can see in the picture, no one is the same because it is made of natural materials by handmade. It has become a valuable tool that is hard to come by these days. I hope it will be used by craftsmen!

Size: Length 22 to 25 cm Width: Around 2 cm There are rounded type (rounded tip) and pointed type (pointed corner).